Wizard’s Caviar – Cookie Face

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91% Total Cannabinoids

1 Gram

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Wizard’s Caviar is a delicious and powerful cannabis extract, also known as diamonds and sauce. Real THC crystals, expertly extracted from dank Vancouver Island quads, are combined with fine cannabis terpenes. These diamonds are impressive.

Cookie Face (91% T.C.)* created from a blend of Face Off OG and Ghost Cookies cannabis.

What is this stuff? Let’s break it down. Cannabis “Sauce”, so-called for its glossy, runny texture, is made using a closed-loop extraction system that allows the resulting solution to settle under calibrated pressures and temperatures. This environment promotes the natural separation of the major cannabinoids. The crystalline structures that form in the terpene-rich fluid are called “Diamonds”. These are composed of THCA, also known as THC acid, the chemical precursor to THC (the most abundant and intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis). When heated, non-intoxicating THCA converts to intoxicating THC and produces the classic cannabis high.


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